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 Psychologist for a diverse community.

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Our Psychologist

Am I right for you? Are you looking for someone with a high level of university training (6 year specialist degree) and decades of experience? Do you want to work with someone who's core values are kindness and compassion?  

If that's a yes - I'm likely a good fit. 

My family background is multicultural -my mother is Anglo-Indian and my father Australian with Croatian heritage. I have lived in India and Germany and embrace cultural diversity. My practice has always included clients from a wide variety of cultures.

My work as a psychologist began over 20 years ago in the WA Health department, where I worked in CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services) and CAHS (Child and Adolescent Health Services). These years gave me  an  understanding of how we are shaped by early experiences and how we develop across our life. 

Later on, I transitioned into a group private practice specialising in treating Eating Disorders  where I developed specialist skills and knowledge to work in this area.


Over my career I have also been able to contribute to the development of other therapists by providing training and supervision.

Currently, I have my own solo practice and I've found joy in working with individuals from diverse backgrounds, from adults to young people aged 12 and above for anxiety, depression and other mental health concerns.

I love my work and strive to provide a warm and supportive space where you can recover. 


Clinical psychologist Deborah Skender

Do we offer the right therapy for you?

Evidence based

Your  treatment will be tailored to meet your needs but you will likely receive a mix of therapies that research has shown to be effective for your issue.

Eating Disorders

If you are seeking help for an Eating disorder you will need to have a GP that has agreed to provide medical monitoring during your treatment at Insight to ensure that your care is wholistic and you remain physically well. Depending on your assessment with us you may also be asked to see a dietician as we use a team based approach. It is also possible you might be eligible for an Eating Disorder Treatment  Plan from your GP that will allow up to 40 sessions per calendar year with a Medicare Rebate. Please book a double appointment with your GP to organise this. Contact us if you need more information and/or read our resources section. 


You will likely receive a combination of a cognitive therapy called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), mindfulness therapy, interpersonal therapy, attachment  based therapy and/or family therapy.

Adolescent Therapy

If your child is 12 years or older they can be seen at Insight Psychology. The first appointment for anyone younger than 16 yrs will be just for parents without your child present so we can take a good history in private. At the end of this meeting your child's treatment plan will be discussed with you to make sure you are happy with the suggested treatment.

Individual, couples and family therapy

We offer individual counselling, couple counselling and family counselling. If a young teen is attending it is likely they will be seen with a parent for some sessions.

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